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Botox and Wrinkle Fillers
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Dr. Gerardo Herrera
Some people have grooves or depressions in the face giving them an older look. The most common are called Nasolabial groove, located between the wing of the nose and the corners of his mouth. Another is the Labiomental groove which originates in the corner of her mouth and goes to the chin, as well as some deep wrinkles different locations.

Said grooves and wrinkles can be filled with synthetic injectable solutions or Lipoinjection (fat grafting) smoothing features and giving a more youthful appearance.

There are different types of Injection solutions. Hyaluronic acid being the most common, which has the advantage of being a substance normally found in the body. It absorbs water at the moment of application and fills the wrinkles or furrows treated. This application is very fast and can done in the office. Some swelling and redness can appear, but will not prevent you from resuming your daily activities. Its effect is temporary and can last about eight months to a year, after which the solution disappears completely from the body without leaving any side effects.

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The Botulinum Toxin Type "A", commonly known by its trademark BOTOX is used as a temporary treatment to reduce or eliminate frown lines on forehead, around the eyes ("crow's feet") forehead and neck bands and to raise eyebrows.

It is also useful in reducing excessive sweating in the hands and underarms, relieve muscle spasms in conditions such as cerebral palsy, blepharospasm or cervical dystonia, and some studies suggest it may help relieve migraine headaches and other ailments.

The toxin acts by blocking nerve stimuli giving motion to the muscles that are applied to, thus removing wrinkles, giving a more relaxed, fresh and youthful look without altering the natural expression of your face.

Procedure can be performed in the doctor’s office. Syringe pricks are applied by your doctor on the undesirable wrinkles. Its very important that BOTOX is applied by a specialist, which may be a plastic surgeon or experienced dermatologist to avoid blank faces or an unnatural expression caused by immobilizing a larger number of muscles. In addition to the complications that can occur when applied by non - specialist personnel. In non - cosmetic uses usually it is applied by neurologists or ophthalmologists.

Before application, an anesthetic cream is used in the areas to be treated. After the quick procedure you can go home and continue with your daily activities without any disability. It is recommended that some facial exercising be performed, which include, frowning and smiling for approximately 20 minutes, in order for the drug to distribute homogeneously in the muscle. You should also avoid lying down, scratching or rubbing areas treated for about 4 hrs. 

You should see results between the 2nd and 4th day after application, does not cause pain or discomfort, and its duration is 3 to 6 months.


Botox and Wrinkle Fillers


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