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Prominent ears can become a factor of discomfort or decreased self - esteem in both men and women. Men try to hide them by growing their hair long and women by not wearing their hair up. In these cases Otoplasty is the surgery that will help you solve the problem.

Protruding ears are projected forward by the lack of development of some of the normal folds (mainly the upper crus of antihelix), by the presence of a larger shell than usual, or by a combination of both. In some cases they may be larger than normal.

Surgery aims to place the ear in a normal position. It is performed with local anesthesia and sedation as outpatients. It is performed through an incision in the back of the ear so that the scar is not visible, the cartilage, which is semi rigid tissue that gives form to the ear is weakened. Suture points are placed in strategic locations to form the undeveloped folds and part of the shell is removed in cases where this is very large. A bandage is used for a few days to maintain the position of the ear, you should take antibiotics to prevent infection and analgesics to relieve discomfort.

Otoplasty in Guadalajara can be performed from as young as 4 to 7 years old, since then the ear has reached 80% of the size it will have in adulthood, making it possible to repair without having any negative effect on the development. It is recommended to be performed in infancy to avoid the stigma of name calling or teasing who are often victims of bullying by other children. In these cases general anesthesia is used, for more cooperative older children it can be performed under local anesthesia and sedation as in the adult.

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Ear Surgery / Otoplasty

Ear Surgery

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