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Buttock Augmentation
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aumento de gluteos
Ruben Dario 1601 | Col. Providencia | Guadalajara | Jalisco | Tel. (33) 3817 2058   
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Ruben Dario 1601 | Col. Providencia | Guadalajara | Jalisco | Tel. (33) 3817 2058   
Dr. Gerardo Herrera
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The size and shape of the buttocks are important aspects in the harmony of an aesthetic silhouette, so correction will help you improve your appearance and self – esteem.

Buttock implants / augmentation in Guadalajara can be affected by lack of volume, irregular in shape or excess fat around them, there are several options to solve the problem.

aumento de gluteos
In some cases the buttocks have good volume and contour, but excessive fat that accumulates around them make them appear smaller, saggy or flat. In these cases, excess fat is removed through a Lipoescultura Peri-gluteal, elevating them making them look larger, rounder and better positioned without increasing them.

In cases with low volume or irregularity in shape we can increased buttocks with Lipoinyección This involves removing fat from other parts of the body and applying it to the buttocks, correcting the contour or increasing the volume. The same fat from your body is injected, which has the advantage that it can be placed at areas without the constraint of having a predetermined shape, giving a more natural look. Like any graft, there is a possibility that is not integrated in its entirety.
Another option is the use of dentures which are inserted through an incision in the crease between the buttocks. This is an excellent alternative especially in patients who are thin and have little fat and want greater increase but where Lipoescultura or Lipoinjection will not be sufficient.

The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia and sedation. Recovery ranges from 5 to 7 days and 2 weeks depending on the technique used.

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Buttock implants in Guadalajara


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